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A Bite from an Alpha King (Wolves' Fated Mates series)

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Octavia lost everything when she was a young girl. She had to watch her father killed and her pack taken from her. She swore she would avange her father Xavier even if it would cost her, her life. On her nineteenth birthday Octavia sets out to kill the new King Valerio, the man who took everything from her, but the night of the attempt on his life, Octavia finds herself looking into bright yellow eyes that she would never be able to look away from again.

Valerio watched his entire family killed and almost died the same night himself when the old council together with Mad King Xavier took everything away he loved. He swore revenge and got it, but now he has a promise to keep. Gathering followers and help to get back his throne was not easy and now he must marry the daughter of his strongest alley. The night he is going to meet his betrothed he runs into the only person he hoped never to find. His mate.

A Bite from An Alpha King is the first book in the series Wolves' Fated Mates. They can all be read on their own but it is recommended to read them in order.

The Dragon's Call
(The Secrets of Arcadia)

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In Arcadia there are no two kingdoms who hate each other more than the human kingdom in the North and the dragon kingdom in the South. They always stay far away from each other, but when rumors start in both kingdoms about an upcoming attack from their enemy, they must act.

The young Princess Laelia loved by her people must marry a lord from her land to assure money and men, but he is the last person she wants anything to do with. On her wedding night, disgusted by her new husband's hands on her body, they are interrupted as the dragons attack the cold land. Ayla watches her new husband killed and is brought before the dragon prince Ashes. The moment they meet they are sworn enemies.

Ashes never wanted the throne. His older brothers have always been greedy for it though. He has no choice. In his kingdom the next king is chosen not born. Ashes leads the attack on the North and steals away the princess as he is ordered to by his father. The king of dragons knows as long as he has the beloved princess, then the people won't fight back. That is until Laelia does a public act agaisnt the dragons. Then the king decides Ashes and Laelia must marry in order to bring the kingdoms together. Could there be a worse match?

The Dragon's Call is the first book in the series The Secrets of Arcaida. 

My Cursed Love
(A Mate's Salvation)

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Elena was kidnapped together with 12 other humans to serve a mad alpha. She is tortured and beaten, but one night she is lucky to escape her captors. She runs for her life but is cornered at a cliff, where she must make the choice, live and go back with them or die and be free. Elena would rather die than go back. She throws herself off the cliff, but someone witnesses her fall and goes to rescue her.

Revenge was hated his entire life for being a Cursed Child. His red eyes can break people by showing them their worst fears. No one dares to get close to him, even his father beame his worst enemy, but when he finds his mate in the small and simple human Elena, he finds the one person who can look into his eyes and not break.

My Cursed Love is a dark romance and the first book in the series A Mate's Salvation.

My Broken Knight
(The Love of Royals)

William was a firm believer in love that was until the woman he had promised to marry once he returned to from the cold barbarian land Seeka chose to marry someone else. Six years he had fought to get back to her, but she didn't wait. As William returns to his land he also finds his father dead and time has passed in a disturbing way. He is no longer the same man who returned. As he decides to drown his sorrows, a close advisor to the king seeks him out, having heard about him from his son. He asks Will to become the personal guard to the princess and protect her, but no one told William that he needs to protect her from herself.

Grace is the only daughter of the king of Etheria. The king lost many good men in Seeka and in order to strenghten himself he offers Grace to an old and rich king. Grace would rather die than marry the fat king and even threatens to take her own life. Her father makes the decision to find a knight that can keep her safe, but as William and Grace meet a bond is formed no one can break. No matter how hard they all try.

My Broken Knight is the first book in the series The Love of Royals.

Our Loveless Marriage
(The Contract)

Megan is forced to marry after a big scandal involving her sister. Her family wants the eyes taken off on the fact their eldest daughter went to rehab, even though it was Naomi who was supposed to marry the grandson of the rich and successful businessman Neil Hill. Megan desperately wishes to make her marriage work, but Nathan is so cold towards her and won't even try to make it work. It isn't until a certain old ex comes into play that Megan finally gets her way.

Nathan's family is trying to take the eyes off the scandal with his father getting arrested. Megan's family had always been close to his, so who better to marry? Nathan has no interest in marriage but he also wants to please his grandfather, who is soon retiring and must choose an heir. It won't be his father now, so it stands between him and his older brother Shane. His grandfather has a soft spot for Megan and she is the perfect pawn in his plan, but when his old ex who he had a toxic relationship with suddenly appears in his life, he needs Megan more than ever to help him stay strong. Megan has demands though, and Nathan must agree.

Our Loveless Marriage is the first book in the series The Contract.

The Hybrid King's Hidden Mate

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There are only two hybrids left in the world, and in order to make more Amber and Ronan must have children together.

Amber has been locked away her whole life protected from an unknown enemy she always thought was Ronan who would force her to have his kids. The day she finally gets out of her house she is captured by the council of vampires and werewolves. Her theory that the king will force her to have his kids is only confirmed. That is until the king is the person who frees her from her chains and shows her the kindness and freedom she never thought she would get a chance to experince, but things aren't so easy, because she knows if Ronan finds out the truth about who her fahter is, he will kill her.

Ronan lost his mate over four hundred yeras ago. She was pregnant with their child as well. He swore to avange her and eventually he gets his revenge, killing the vampire who took everything from him. The very vampire who sired Amber, but Ronan doesn't know that. When he learns of Amber's existence, he has no desire of making her his queen or have kids with her, but when he meets her he learns they are mates, and keeping his promise to only love his first queen beomces very hard.

The Hybrid King's Hidden Mate is followed by two spin-offs The Vampire's Sweet Secret and The Vampire's Lost mate. They can all be read on their own but it is recommended to read them in order.

Trapped Between Alpha Mates

trapped between alphas (2).jpg

Helena has always been a dreamer. She doesn't mind the hard work she has to put in as a lone wolf, when she knows it will all pay out in the end... or so she thought. On her eighteenth birthday she is not only attacked by the pack's alpha, the one she works for, and assaulted, but she runs into his son, the guy she has a crush on for years. She learns she and Carter are mates, but Carter takes on look at her and rejects her. Helena runs home, trying to escape her horrible reality. Years later her mother dies in a car crash, and sends her to a mysterious person who she hopes will take in Helena. Helena only goes to search for him for her mother's sake, but she learns the man is dead. Helena instead finds his nephew Wylder, who turns out to be her mate.


Wylder was never the sort of alpha his father had hoped for. His father wasn't bad just didn't understand Wylder and his compulsive behavior. After his parents were killed it got worse, but with his uncle's help he got better and became a good and strong alpha. He tragically lost his uncle too and knew right away who had done it. His mortal enemy Killian.


Killian blames Wylder for his mate's death, and one night leads an attack on him, hoping to finally pay him back. There Killian doesn't find Wylder, but Helena, who he finds his second chance in. He drugs and take Helena with him, but Wylder isn't just going to let go of her that easy, and Helena is brought into a war she never thought she would be part of. Who will Helena choose? Enemies cannot share after all. Or will the two alphas both win her heart?

Trapped Between Alpha Mates is a standalone book.

His Evil-Sweet Luna

Summer is the sweetest luna and future queen, but one day after being fed a mysterious tea her world goes black and she wakes up as a whole other person! Now trapped in a body that doesn't belong to her she must navigate through the difficult life as an evil luna who has made many enemies. At her side she finds her new mate Ashton, but not even he has her back after being abused by his own mate for years.


Can Summer change his mind while uncovering the truth of her death, or is she forever trapped as the evil luna surrounded by enemies?

His Evil-Sweet Luna is a standalone book.

Their Runaway Omega

their runaway (2).jpg

Anastasia is paying for her father's betrayal of her pack, despite her omega genes, which are meant to attract and protect her, causing werewolf males to desire her and want to mate with her. Instead, she finds herself at the bottom of the pack hierarchy, subjected to taunts and bullying.

When the young alpha sets his eyes on her, he keeps his distance, patiently waiting for the moment she turns 18 so he can claim her as his own. However, Anastasia's thoughts are consumed by one desire: escape. Tragedy strikes when her mother passes away, and Anastasia seizes the opportunity to prepare for her departure.

Bruce, the young alpha, is determined not to let her go and hastily mates with her, ultimately sharing her with his beta who also wants her. Yet, external forces intervene, separating Bruce from Anastasia as he is dispatched on a mission, leaving her vulnerable and with no option but to flee and start a new life.

In her new life, Anastasia finds employment with the notorious hybrid CEO, Gabriel, who is immediately captivated by her. Anastasia, however, remains cautious but cannot deny her growing attraction to Gabriel. Things take a turn when Gabriel invites her to a high-class society event, where she unexpectedly crosses paths with Lukas, the cold and engaged lycan crown prince. Their undeniable chemistry complicates her choices, but little does she know that her past is inching closer.

As she faces this complex web of desire and destiny, Anastasia must ultimately make a choice. Will it be Bruce and his beta, Gabriel, or Lukas? Or does fate have its own plans in store for her?

Their Runaway Omega  is a standalone book.

Thank you for reading!

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