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The Secrets of Arcadia

The Dragon's Call
Book 1

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In Arcadia there are no two kingdoms who hate each other more than the human kingdom in the North and the dragon kingdom in the South. They always stay far away from each other, but when rumors start in both kingdoms about an upcoming attack from their enemy, they must act.

The young Princess Laelia loved by her people must marry a lord from her land to assure money and men, but he is the last person she wants anything to do with. On her wedding night, disgusted by her new husband's hands on her body, they are interrupted as the dragons attack the cold land. Ayla watches her new husband killed and is brought before the dragon prince Ashes. The moment they meet they are sworn enemies.

Ashes never wanted the throne. His older brothers have always been greedy for it though. He has no choice. In his kingdom the next king is chosen not born. Ashes leads the attack on the North and steals away the princess as he is ordered to by his father. The king of dragons knows as long as he has the beloved princess, then the people won't fight back. That is until Laelia does a public act agaisnt the dragons. Then the king decides Ashes and Laelia must marry in order to bring the kingdoms together. Could there be a worse match?

The Dragon's Call is the first book in the series The Secrets of Arcaida. 

The Dragon's Love
Book 2

Everything had seemed so peaceful, but then Ashes's brother had attacked, killing their father and wanting to take the throne for themselves. Ashes and Laelia have no choice but to flee. Now they must work together to get back their throne, but Ashes is taken prisoner together with Laelia's brothers. She must save them all. Sadly, freeing them reveals many secrets she was not prepared to face, and none of them are the same when they come home.

Laelia does her best to get back the man she loves, but it is hard work, and Ashes feels defeated after losing so much and the torture he had to indure to survive. He knows though he must get back what was taken from him and once again restore peace in Arcadia. 

Laelia and Ashes, together with her brothers set out to find allies, hoping they can get back what was taken from them.

The Dragon's Love is the seocnd book in the series The Secrets of Arcadia.

The Dragon's Fight
Book 3

After gathering help around Arcadia it is time to face Laelia's uncle the culprit behind it all. He has taken not just Laelia's and Ashes's throne, but also her oldest brother James, manipulating him into thinking that the dragons were the reason for all that has happened, and then killed him when he was ready to follow Laelia.

Laelia has learned so many things about herself though. She is not jsut any princess. She is the daugther of a white dragon, carrying that special trait within herself. This gives her new powers, but the war cannot be won by her alone, and she faces more than just her uncle.

Ashes has now not just lost her father but brothers too. They were only pawns in a bigger game they had no idea was being played. He has much he needs to overcome in order to be the king he needs to be but with his friends and his queen at his side, he knows he can get back what was once his.

The Dragon's Fight is the third and last book in the series The Secrets of Arcadia.

The True Northern King - James
Book 4

All great kings have a story, and so does the brother who lost his life thinking he was saving the humans ...

James never bent the knee and that cost him. He ended up as a slave for a wealthy and powerful dragon family, where he was used to fight for the man in the family, earning him money and used for pleasure by the woman. James swore to get back everything he had lost and even finds a way to gather the slaves and fight back. It costs him though and he ends up back in a cell, ready to be executed. His uncle frees him from his chains and brings him home to the woman he has always loved and wanted to marry. There he reconnects with her, until his uncle is ready for him to play his part. James thinks all his uncle wants is to help him get back on the human throne, but he is sadly deceived and we all know how his story ends ...

The True Northern King - James is the fourth book and the first spin-off in the series The Secrets of Arcadia.

The Mystery Man - Mefan
Book 5

Carter died in the last battle, getting his sister back on her throne, but he was brought back by the mystery man Mefan. The king of The Red Desert. There he suddenly finds himself connected to the king and an odd attraction starts to form. Carter never saw himself falling for another man, but he cannot help himself as Mefan draws him closer and closer, or is it just because he brought him back to life with his powers?

Mefan loved one woman and only one, the light to his darkness. He lost her long ago when the humans wanted to find an escape from the dragons. He had to watch her reincarnated over and over, but never remembering him. That woman was Laelia's ancestor. Mefan finds himself strangely connected to the prince though and refuses to see Carter die. He saves his life and now all he seems to be able to think about is the prince. Is there more between them or is it Mefan's power connecting them?

The Mystery Man - Mefan is the fifth book and the second spin-off in the series The Secrets of Arcadia.

The Elf King - Rathilion

Rathilion is now king of the elves. He had to overthrow his father and take the throne in order to unite the elves and lead them into battle agaisnt Laelia's uncle. It means though he has to carry the crown and the responsibilities with it His time has come to marry, hoping it will make him forget all about the wonderful Princess Laelia, and maybe help reconnect with his father. Rathilion doesn't just want any woman to be his queen though and finds a fitting one hiding in the shadows of his party, yet she doesn't want him.

Valindra was scarred badly on her face when she ran off after an argument with her father. She is now an outcast after losing her beauty. She finds it a blessing though since she can choose for herself now. The king finds her attitude and cold behavior refreshing though and chooses her to be his queen. Valindra at first refuses, but then sees it as an opportunity to get away from her horrible family. Can the two of them keep it nothing more than a political marriage and a way to escape or will their hearts eventually get involved?

The Elf King - Rathilion is the sixth book and the third spin-off of the series The Secrets of Arcadia.

The Dragon Prince - Ladon
Book 6

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Ladon was abused at a young age after being kidnapped and brough to The Sea Islands. Thanks to Mefan and Carter he was brought home and decided to stay with them. He grew up among the two of them, living his life as he wanted and helping his brother getting control over the human rebellion that had begun. Ladon captures one of the human rebels and finds himself strangely attracted to her. After tasting her blood it makes him almost obsessed wtih her, and he doesn't know how to handle his feelings.

Rivanna just wants the humans and dragons again separated and the true king back on his throne. The rebels know the former King James had a son, which they see now as the true king and not Laelia and Ashes. They are working to take down the king and queen of Arcadia, but after getting kidnapped by Ladon, Rivanna sees new sides of everything and feelings for the dragon prince start to appear. Can the rebel and the prince find common ground or are they meant to be enemies forever?

The Dragon Prince - Ladon is the seventh book and the fourth spin-off in the series The Secrets of Arcadia.

Thank you for reading!

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