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The Contract

Our Loveless Marriage
Book 1

Now available as
paperback on Amazon

Megan is forced to marry after a big scandal involving her sister. Her family wants the eyes taken off on the fact their eldest daughter went to rehab, even though it was Naomi who was supposed to marry the grandson of the rich and successful businessman Neil Hill. Megan desperately wishes to make her marriage work, but Nathan is so cold towards her and won't even try to make it work. It isn't until a certain old ex comes into play that Megan finally gets her way.

Nathan's family is trying to take the eyes off the scandal with his father getting arrested. Megan's family had always been close to his, so who better to marry? Nathan has no interest in marriage but he also wants to please his grandfather, who is soon retiring and must choose an heir. It won't be his father now, so it stands between him and his older brother Shane. His grandfather has a soft spot for Megan and she is the perfect pawn in his plan, but when his old ex who he had a toxic relationship with suddenly appears in his life, he needs Megan more than ever to help him stay strong. Megan has demands though, and Nathan must agree.

Our Loveless Marriage is the first book in the series The Contract.

Our Pointless Fights
Book 2

Now available as
paperback on Amazon

After fleeing Nathan and her marriage, Megan is not sure what to do with herself. She moves in with her sister, thinking she needs to move on with her life, but that is not so easy. Soon Nathan once again enters it, refusing to let her get a divorce. Now he wants a deal. He wants to prove to her that he was not using her to get his grandfather's company, but that he truly loves her.

Megan agrees to go back with him, and try to be a real married couple. There she quickly sees new sides of him, but is it enough? So many have warned her against him, and Nathan has shown his ugly sides, but could there be hope for the two of them?

Our Pointless Fights is the second book in the series The Contract.

Our Stupid Feelings
Book 3

Now available as
paperback on Amazon

Kat doesn't ever want to get married. She barely wants to commit to a relationship, knowing it just isn't worth it, but there is one man who was able to enter her heart, and that is Jax. He wanted more with her though, but she simply couldn't commit. She admits to Megan, her best friend, she made a mistake, but when Jax comes back trying to get her, she doesn't make it that easy for him. She is simply too afraid to have her heart broken.

Jax made a promise to Kat. He will put a ring on her finger, and to get closer to her, he makes a deal. They need to try and live as a real married couple, and if he can convince her to fall for him and open her heart, then they will get married. Otherwise he will let it go forever. Will the two of them tie the knots in the end? Or will Kat simply find it too hard to open her heart?

Our Stupid Feelings is the third book and spin-off in the series The Contract.

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