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Resurgence Novels

You Can't Stop Loving Me
(Loving Series)


Cara's life seemed perfect. Friends, CEO of her own company and now engaged to the man of her dreams, but as the ring is slipped on her finger, an unresolved past slowly creeps back. Not just memories of Cara's first love appear, so does the very man now all grown up and requesting to buy her company, but what Ethan is really after is Cara. She tells herself his appearance changes nothing for her but small forbidden touches quickly turn into more and soon Cara finds it hard to stay away from Ethan, but she is still angry at him for disappearing and not being there when she needed him the most. Can Cara forgive the past? Or will forgiving change nothing? Will Ethan ever be able to let her in on her dark secret on why he disappeared and win her back? What will Cara choose? 

This is the first book in the Loving series.

My Husband's Deception

Cover Husband Deception.jpg

Annabella has loved her best friend for years, but he ends up engaged to her evil younger sister. After learning of the betrayal, and needing an escape from her life, Anna agrees to an arrange marriage between her and the powerful and cold businessman Kace, who has lost his feeling in his legs after a motorcycle accident.

Kace learned the harsh reality of never knowing who is your friend after his accident and now seeks true love and a real connection. That is why he marries Annabella, but can a marriage succeed when one of them is deceiving the other?

My Husband's Decption is a standalone book.

Thank you for reading!

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