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A Half-Blood's Escape
(The Last Three Hybrids)

Anne Thode Thyssen (1).jpg

Lara is a half-blood wolf who must escape her step father's gambling debt, but in order to do so she must lend a little money. At a party for the upper-class of the supernatural world she sneaks in dressed as the staff and takes from the rich. She thinks everything is going smoothly, that is until she runs into one of the last three hybrids in the world, King Dominic.

Dominic has never had much desire to be king, but he is the most fit among the last three there is to choose from. He must marry and continue the line of hybrids, but at the very party where he is supposed to meet his betrothed, he runs into his mate. A half-blood he knows no one will accept as his queen, but Dominic will not take anyone else.

A Half-Blood's Escape is the first book in the series The Last Three Hybrids. Each book can be read on its own but it is recommended to read them in order.

The Vampire's Lost Mate

Enzo was happy with his life. He didn't want a mate, but as his family keeps pushing him and he sees how happy they are, he wonders if he is missing out. He asks a woman he has had a sexual relationship with for a while if she wants to get tied together. Vanessa refuses knowing his heart isn't in it, and tells him she is already engaged to someone else. Enzo is happy she didn't say yes though, but that same night he runs into her younger sister Rebecca, unable to ever get her out of his mind again.

Rebecca witnessed her mother raped and killed when she was a child. It changed her forever, and to understand the world, she sees it as her own fairytale story. When she runs into Enzo, she sees him as a brave knight. She finds it hard to understand, though he could ever be interested in her, and would she ever be able to live her fantasy world to go live in his?

The Vampire's Lost Mate is book three and the second spin-off to the book The Hybrid King's Hidden Mate. It can be read on its own but it is recommended to read the books in order. Find the other two books on the site Dreame.

This story is also available on Patreon.

Saved by The Golden Boy
(Winning The Troublemaker)

Emma just wants to protect her sister after she had her first time stolen and her heart broken. She is not allowed to set foot on the school grounds but she does it dressed as Elena. Here she finds the boy who broke her sister's heart and punches him, making everyone realize who she truly is. But one person can't take his eyes off her from then on.

Brendon has only just gotten out of a three-year long relationship, and never had he thought he would find an interest in the troublemaker who assaults idiot foot players who think they own the world. But he does, and now he can't forget Emma. He must know more about her. He must figure out what hides behind the stony mask.

Can Brendon get closer to Emma, or will she shut him out? Will Emma ever learn to keep her temper in control, or will it cost her too much?

Saved by The Golden Boy is the first book in the series Winning The Troublemaker.

The Alpha Prince's Precious Mate

the alpha prince's precious mate (2).jpg

All Raya wanted was to prove that she could be as useful as her brothers when it came to the upcoming war agaisnt King Silas, but she is not even invited to the meeting where all the alphas and the young Prince Kay will be meeting. 

Prince Kay knows his brother is not fit to be king. He has lost his mind, killing innocents but all Kay really wants is to be left alone. He had been up against his brother once before and it had not ended well. He tells all the alphas he will not help them, but as he leaves the meeting he sees a young female wolf sneaking around, and instatnly knows he must have her. Raya is his mate, but she will not so easily surrender herself to him. How will she ever prove she can be a strong luna, if everyone just sees her as the prince's mate? But Raya is the reason Kay will fight. He must protect his mate at all cost.

The Alpha Princes Precious Mate is the prize winner of Bound by The Moon contest and is a standalone book.

The Alpha Got me
(Claimed by Alphas)

Anne_Thode_Thyssen (1).jpg

River is a simple omega, who has one purpose and that is to get mated to a strong alpha and give him strong heirs. Omegas cannot change. They are so weak compared to all other wolves, but what they lack in strength they make up for the heirs they can provide. River doesn't just want to be a nice little omega who will provide a strong alpha children. So on her twenty-third birthday she sneaks out and decides she wants to lose her virginity to a man of her choosing instead of the alpha her father have chosen for her. Close to having sex in the club's bathroom she is suddenly interrrupted by the one person she never wanted to meet.

Conan is the alpha who got the rogues under control and has put together a strong group of alphas to keep the territories safe. He knows though that the time has come to settle down and take over after his father. He wants an omega at his side and chooses River, but he had not expected to find his omega on the knees in front of someone else or that she would be his chosen mate.

The Alpha Got Me is book one in the series Claimed by Alphas. The book can be read on its own, but it is recommended to read them in order.

Surviving The Billionaire's Game

Anne Thode Thyssen.jpg

Melody thought her life was perfect. She was going to marry her first love Tyler, but then she finds her fiancé and sister in bed together and her whole world comes crashing down. In her anger Tyler's older cousin Jack, seeks her out offering her a chance for revenge. All she has to do is marry him.

Jack has had his eyes on Melody for a long time, since he lost his own fiancé and child in a car crash he has been lost, but Melody brought light into his life without her even knowing. When his cousin screws up and breaks Melody's heart, Jack knows this is the time to strike. He tells her he wants to marry her to win over his grandfather who is retiring soon and needs to name an heir, and his grandfather has always loved Melody. He offers her marriage in exhange for revenge, but all Jack really wants is Melody.

Surviving The Billionaire's Game is a standalone book.

The Dragon King's
Stolen Princess

Vicar's mate and child was killed and now he wants nothing but revenge over the human king who took his loved ones from him. He kidnaps his only daughter and heir, but when Vicar finally meets the beautiful Princess Alice, he learns she is his second chance.

Alice wants a romantic love story like her parents. She doesn't want to marry the man her father has decided for her. On her journey there she is attacked by the dragon king who claims her father is a murderer, but Alice doesn't believe that, and the more time they spend together, the deeper their connection becomes.


Did the king really kill the former queen? And will Vicar ever let anyone else into his heart?

The Dragon King's Stolen Princess is a standalone book.

Wolves' Fated Mates

In a world where mates hold immense power, our heroes embark on dangerous journeys. As they confront haunting shadows from their pasts and face treacherous trials, their love becomes their greatest weapon. Will love triumph over the darkest secrets that threaten to consume them? Or will it become the very force that drives them apart? Brace yourself for an enthralling tale of passion, resilience, and the enduring strength of true love.

This is the first bound edition continuing the series Wolves' Fated Mates. Read books 15-17 and follow the characters Raiden, Marina, Kenzo, Gwen, Ryan, and Kathy as they all find their happy ending.

These books can be enjoyed as standalone stories. If you prefer to read them individually, visit Patreon or Ream. You can find book 1-14 on Dreame.

A Shadow's Touch
(The Light Within The Shadows)

In the shadows lurk the powerful Shadow Lords, seeking to regain control of their world and vanquish the Halos, radiant women who are their sole weakness. Among them is Erars, an ambitious Shadow Lord, patiently biding his time to strike. His plan? To tear the veil between their world and the Shadow World, gaining the power to destroy the Halos. But to achieve this, he needs a willing sacrifice, a Light. However, everything changes when he becomes captivated by Natava, the new queen of Aneria.

Natava, who once sought only to be a powerful Halo, finds herself drawn to Erars despite being kidnapped by him. With the world on the brink of war, Natava and Erars must find a way to prevent the other Shadow Lords from bringing about total destruction. Can they learn to work together despite their differences, or was their love doomed from the beginning?


A Shadow's Touch is the first book in the series. It is recommended to read them in order.

The Alpha King's Mark
(The Royal Pack)

After killing his uncle, Marcos rises to be the king of supernatural creatures, but finds himself burdened by the weight of his crown. Despite wanting nothing but to avenge his family and be free, Marcos remains trapped by his duty to those who depend on him. However, everything changes one fateful night at an upper-class party when a woman, disguised as a servant, sets out to end his life. Yet, as Marcos gazes into her enigmatic eyes, he is inexplicably drawn to her, and in that moment must make her his.

Marcella lost everything as a child and was raised by the vampire Aleister, who molded her into a merciless assassin. Bound to Aleister, the King of the Underworld, she carries out his orders, always a weapon in his hands. When the call to assassinate the king reaches Aleister's ears, he dispatches Marcella without hesitation. Though she successfully plunges the knife into Marcos's chest, she soon realizes that the act cannot sever the invisible bond he has established between them.

Will Marcos and Marcella find solace in each other, or will their past and duty destroy them?

This is book one in the series The Royal Pack. The books can be read on their own, but it is recommended to read them in order.

Healing Ice

healing ice.jpeg

Jaze, a former hockey star whose life takes a heart-wrenching turn when a brave act goes wrong, leaving him terrified of the ice he once loved. Now lost and working at the rink he once ruled, Jaze's family and friends are determined to reignite his passion. But his paralyzing fears hold him back, keeping him on the sidelines of his own life.

Just when hope seems distant, enter Samira—a driven figure skater with an unyielding fire. Her ultimate goal? Achieving greatness at the Olympics and earning her father's pride. Yet, the pressure weighs her down, leading to anxiety only the touch of a hockey player can ease.

Healing Ice is a standalone book.

(Dark Revenge)

Jared, a victim of Alison Brown's torment during his high school years, has returned as a transformed man—dark, affluent, and exuding an aura of menace. His mission: to make Alison pay for the years of suffering she inflicted upon him.

Alison, completely unaware of the storm approaching, steps into her office one ordinary day, only to be confronted by Jared, wearing a malevolent smirk. Clutched in his hand is a USB drive filled with dark secrets that could shatter her perfect life. The reckoning has come, and Jared offers a grim choice: sign a binding contract that subjects her to his twisted desires for a month, or face utter ruin.

This is the first book in the series Dark Revenge. The books need to be read in order.

A Healing Mate

In a world where change has ushered in lasting peace among the wolves, life seems to be flowing smoothly. Ryker, groomed to become the next King of the Werewolves, finds confidence in his role with his faithful mate, Ethan, by his side. He aspires to be a worthy leader like his uncle. However, beneath this facade of harmony, his mate struggles with terrifying nightmares that threaten to tear the two of them apart.

Lost and uncertain, Ryker turns to his Aunt Octavia, who shares a deep connection with his uncle. Recognizing her adopted son's distress, Octavia seeks aid from their close friend, Hope, a spiritual wolf. Hope extends a warm invitation to the two young kings, unveiling a revelation.

Within Hope's sanctuary, Ryker and Ethan uncover a missing piece of their puzzle: Dawn, the eldest daughter of the spiritual wolf. However, with a former assassin as her father and overprotective family members, adding Dawn to their group is going to be challenging, especially alongside the nightmares that Ethan must overcome. But could these nightmares be the ominous promise of dark times ahead?

A Healing Mate is the first in the spin-off series. Each book can be read on their own, and it is not needed to read the first series Wolves' Fated Mates

a healing mate (2).jpg

Hold On Tight

Anne Thode Thyssen.jpg

After losing her beloved daughter and husband in a devastating accident and enduring a severe mental breakdown, Camilla seeks refuge in her childhood home, where her parents provide solace and care. Months of isolation pass, with Camilla locked away from the world, until one fateful day when a familiar face from her past reappears at her doorstep.

Caleb, a former military man, has been diagnosed with brain cancer, prompting him to leave behind his picture-perfect life and return to the haunting house of his childhood. Little did he expect to find Camilla, his long-lost best friend, residing in the house next to his. Intrigued and determined to reconnect, Caleb's presence reignites a spark of curiosity within Camilla.

As they spend time together, the memories of their once unbreakable bond begin to resurface. Amidst their individual struggles and the little time they have left, they grapple with the question of whether their friendship can once again blossom.

Hold On Tight is a standalone book

Bound To Be Mates

bound to be mates (2).jpg

Scarlett was raised to believe nothing but perfection matters. She is a high-status luna, who dreams of becoming queen and is determined to win over the crown prince. However, when Prince Aaron returns after years of absence, Scarlett discovers an unexpected twist. They are true mates. Scarlett is thrilled by this revelation, but her hopes are shattered when Aaron rejects her, disgusted by her cruel nature. After being abandoned by her friends, she escapes her life, only to return a year later transformed.

Unbeknownst to them, an evil witch with a vendetta against the royal werewolf family binds Scarlett and Aaron together through dark magic, creating an unbreakable bond. Now, they must learn to cooperate despite their differences, for enemies seek to exploit their connection. As they face external threats and internal turmoil, Scarlett and Aaron must either find common ground or risk their own destruction.

Bound To Be Mates is a standalone book.

Just One Touch
Book 1

Anne Thode Thyssen (1).jpg

There is only one man for Aria, though she tries her hardest not to look at Ayden or desire him. He is older, has never looked her way... Oh, and he is married to her sister. Aria tells herself her feelings are nothing but a stupid girl crush, but after returning from college, some things seem to have changed, but is it only Aria who feels it or does Ayden too?

Ayden has never seen Aria as more than the younger sister of his girlfriend and now wife, but as things start to crack between him and Marie, his eyes open up to the young Aria, who seems to always have her eyes lingering on him. She thinks he has never noticed the way she watches him, but he has. He never saw her as anything but family, but one day things seem to have changed for Ayden, and he finds himself desiring what he shouldn't.

Just One Touch is book 1 in the Just Love series.. The Books should be read in order.

Thank you for reading!

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