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The Hidden Crown

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Ayla lost everything when the ambitious king from Melesos attacked her kingdom, killed her parents and stole away her life. She is determined to kill the young king herself and get back what she lost, but she had never expected to end up as the king's personal slave and actually get to know who he is and why he attacked her home.

Damon almost died on the battlefield, only the image of Ayla kept him alive. He had seen her potrait in the market, passing by it and never thinking twice about it, but when she saved his life he turned obsessed. He had to have her and even suggested the binding of the two kingdoms to her father, but Ayla's father has his own plans and does not want to give over his daughter, but wants to try and take Melesos for himself. Damon cannot allow this and attack first. Now Ayla can't be his queen, but nothing with stop him from making her his.

The Hidden Crown is a standalone book.

Wolves' Fated Mates

In a world where mates hold immense power, our heroes embark on dangerous journeys. As they confront haunting shadows from their pasts and face treacherous trials, their love becomes their greatest weapon. Will love triumph over the darkest secrets that threaten to consume them? Or will it become the very force that drives them apart? Brace yourself for an enthralling tale of passion, resilience, and the enduring strength of true love.

These books can be enjoyed as standalone stories. If you prefer to read them individually, visit Patreon or Ream. You can find book 1-14 on Dreame.

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The Vampire's Lost Mate

Enzo was happy with his life. He didn't want a mate, but as his family keeps pushing him and he sees how happy they are, he wonders if he is missing out. He asks a woman he has had a sexual relationship with for a while if she wants to get tied together. Vanessa refuses knowing his heart isn't in it, and tells him she is already engaged to someone else. Enzo is happy she didn't say yes though, but that same night he runs into her younger sister Rebecca, unable to ever get her out of his mind again.

Rebecca witnessed her mother raped and killed when she was a child. It changed her forever, and to understand the world, she sees it as her own fairytale story. When she runs into Enzo, she sees him as a brave knight. She finds it hard to understand, though he could ever be interested in her, and would she ever be able to live her fantasy world to go live in his?

The Vampire's Lost Mate is book three and the second spin-off to the book The Hybrid King's Hidden Mate. It can be read on its own but it is recommended to read the books in order. Find the other two books on the site Dreame.

This story is also available on Patreon.

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A Short Love
(Short story collection)

A Short Love.jpg

Fall into wonderful love stories and see where they take you!

Meeting in A Snowstorm:

Will Ryan and Mary share a deeper connection than they first thought?

The One:

Will Claire and Liam get their happy ending?

The Surprise of Christmas

Will Cameron and Emma find love again after so many years?

Enjoy the three romance short stories in A Short Love.

The Battle of Shadows and Hearts
Book 1

the battle of shadows and hearts (1).jpg

In the mystical realm of Melvera, a fierce conflict ignites between witches and shadow shifters. Amidst the chaos, Lady Calina suffers devastating losses, pushing her into a life of servitude. Believing herself utterly isolated and bereft of all she holds dear, a surprising reunion with a long-lost friend, one of the shadow princes, offers a glimmer of hope. He lays claim to her, but Calina faces a heart-wrenching dilemma: can she let go of her thirst for revenge, or will it consume her, extinguishing any possibility of finding love once more? 

This book is the first one in the series The Shadows' War. It is recommended to read the books in order but they can be enjoyed as standalones.

A Few Steps To Your Heart

Gavin lost his ability to walk after a police raid went horribly wrong. He falls into a deep dark hole, unable to accept his new reality. His parents decide to hire a helper, the daughter of good friends of theirs, Georgia, who volunteers with disable people. But Gavin's heart is completely closed off.


Can Georgia help him find happiness again, or can no one reach him?

A Few Steps To Your Heart is a standalone book

Sei Meine Ketten

Be my Cahins.png

Emma, deren Ehemann sie betrogen hat, sucht an einem stürmischen Abend ihren ehemaligen Stiefvater Gabriel auf. Er ist der verbotene Mann, den sie immer begehrt hat, und sie hofft, dass er den Schmerz in ihrem Herzen lindern kann. Nicht mehr mit Emmas Mutter verheiratet, ist Gabriel frei zur Verfügung, und Emma erscheint an seiner Tür, gekleidet in nichts als sexy Unterwäsche. Gabriel offenbart eine neue Seite an sich, die sie noch nie gesehen hat, aber mit jedem Schritt ins Verbotene begehrt sie nur noch mehr. Wie wird ihr Abend enden?

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