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The Alpha's Huntress Book One and Two

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The humans and the werewolves are at a war with each other. The Hunters believe the werewolves are nothing but monsters and so does Serena.

She lost her parents to a werewolf attack and was raised by the General, who taught her to become the best and strongers hunter there is, but when Serena is sent out to kill the strongest Alpha Rogan and finally turn the war for The Hunters, who has suffered so much, Serena ends up getting captured. Now she is in the hands of the wolves, but what she doesn't know is the alpha has found his mate in her.

Rogan wants to destroy The Hunters and bring some peace to his world and the werewolves, but when he is meeting up with his soon-to-be luna, he is attacked by hunters. Rogan isn't taken down so easily and even captures one of them, but this woman is no ordinary hunter. She is his mate. What will Rogan choose, his mate or his pack?

The Alpha's Huntress Book One and Two can both be read on their own but it is recommended to read them in order.

Thank you for reading!

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