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The Lycan King's Scarred Mate

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Anastasia lost her family when she was only ten years old. She had to watch the horrible killing, and was left all alone. Her house was set on fire almost killing her too and leaving her scarred. Anastasia was found days later by her aunt and uncle having lived as an animal among the ruins. It took years to bring her back from it. Now as an adult she has sworn revenge, and goes to a party where the new lycan queen will be introduced. Anastasia thinks she can find the lycans who killed her family there, but after getting one of her episodes as old blocked memories try to push their way forward, she runs into the lycan king, and realizes... he is her mate.


Roman didn't want to ever risk ending up as his father, crusehd by his mate's death, so he chooses a queen. He knows Daphne, a good friend of his, is in love with him and he prays on that, but at the very party he is supposed to let everyone know his chosen queen, he finds his true mate in a werewolf. But will Anastasia accept him when she has sworn to hate all lycans forver? And will the lycans accept a werewolf to rule beside him?

The Lycan King's Scarred Mate is the first one in the series. The book can be read on its own but it is recommended to read them in order.

His Unbeloved Queen

Katherine thought no one could love her higher than the king of witches, Acan. The man she had been married to for ten years, and who she thought loved her despite being unable to perform any sort of spells. She rose up to the responsibility of being queen, and showed everyone why she deserved the crown, but one night at the festival of elements a horrible accident occurs, flames catching on, and trapping Katherine. Trapped and all alone, her husband appears, thinking she is saved, but who is a better fire witch than her husband? He leaves her again, making her feel utterly betrayed, but from the shadows, her hero appears.

Darius is the half brother of the king, born with dark powers that he has done everything he could to control. Only Katherine can touch him without feeling sick, and her smile makes his day brighter than ever. But she has never looked at him with desire in her eyes. That is until he turns back time in order to save his queen, this time changing a small thing in her past: getting her to marry him.

Will Darius ever make Katherine fall for him truly? Or will her thirst for revenge consume her being?

His Unbeloved Queen is a standalone book.

The Wrong Alpha Twin

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Willow was supposed to marry the young prince, Carter, the most desired wolf prince of all. However, one night, while home alone in the royal family's castle, Willow was slipped a potion that forced her to experience a sudden heat-like state. In the midst of her confusion, she believed she found help in her fiancé, but the next morning, she learned that it wasn't Carter beside her, but Cain, his twin brother and the black sheep of the family.

Now, with her innocence taken before her marriage and by the wrong brother, Willow is forced to marry Cain to save face. However, she is still deemed as the easy-wolf who wanted both brothers. Willow does her best to try to conform to her new life, but she firmly believes it's Cain behind her downfall, and her marriage is incredibly hard to survive.


What is even worse is that, as the king is mysteriously killed, Cain and Carter must prove their worth as the next leader. But who will win? The charmer or the cold alpha?

The Wrong Alpha Twin is a standalone book.

Thank you for reading!

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