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A Few Steps To Your Heart

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Gavin lost his ability to walk after a police raid went horribly wrong. He falls into a deep dark hole, unable to accept his new reality. His parents decide to hire a helper, the daughter of good friends of theirs, Georgia, who volunteers with disable people. But Gavin's heart is completely closed off.


Can Georgia help him find happiness again, or can no one reach him?

A Few Steps To Your Heart is a standalone book

A Short Love
(Short story collection)

A Short Love.jpg

Fall into wonderful love stories and see where they take you!

Meeting in A Snowstorm:

Will Ryan and Mary share a deeper connection than they first thought?

The One:

Will Claire and Liam get their happy ending?

The Surprise of Christmas

Will Cameron and Emma find love again after so many years?

Enjoy the three romance short stories in A Short Love.

The Battle of Shadows and Hearts
Book 1

the battle of shadows and hearts (1).jpg

In the mystical realm of Melvera, a fierce conflict ignites between witches and shadow shifters. Amidst the chaos, Lady Calina suffers devastating losses, pushing her into a life of servitude. Believing herself utterly isolated and bereft of all she holds dear, a surprising reunion with a long-lost friend, one of the shadow princes, offers a glimmer of hope. He lays claim to her, but Calina faces a heart-wrenching dilemma: can she let go of her thirst for revenge, or will it consume her, extinguishing any possibility of finding love once more? 

This book is the first one in the series The Shadows' War. It is recommended to read the books in order but they can be enjoyed as standalones.

Thank you for reading!

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