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Fantasy Horse


The world might not be full of magic but these books are!

The Child from The Woods
(The Call of Fate)


Rayna was just a young little half-elf, when her home was destroyed, and she was forced to flee. She grew up in a hidden forest, where magical creatures kept her safe from the evil Draegan, who uses his powers to absorb magic and make himself stronger. One day, the forest that is Rayna's home, begins to wither and die. Its magic life-force is being drained, and without the forest, Rayna's friends will die too.

Thus begins Rayna's quest to stop Draegan and his destructive ways, which have already turned Argendor into a grim and dreary place. She pays James, a human, to help her reach Candraa, past the Westland over the sea. In this turbulent and greedy world, is there more to his helpful nature or will his secrets tear them apart?

With a knack for attracting and finding trouble, sweet and innocent Rayna must learn to survive in a ruthless world in which even family is sold for magic.

Thank you for reading!

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