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Just Love

Just One Touch
Book 1

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There is only one man for Aria, though she tries her hardest not to look at Ayden or desire him. He is older, has never looked her way... Oh, and he is married to her sister. Aria tells herself her feelings are nothing but a stupid girl crush, but after returning from college, some things seem to have changed, but is it only Aria who feels it or does Ayden too?

Ayden has never seen Aria as more than the younger sister of his girlfriend and now wife, but as things start to crack between him and Marie, his eyes open up to the young Aria, who seems to always have her eyes lingering on him. She thinks he has never noticed the way she watches him, but he has. He never saw her as anything but family, but one day things seem to have changed for Ayden, and he finds himself desiring what he shouldn't.

Just One Touch is book 1 in the Just Love series.. The Books should be read in order.

Just Ayden
Book 2

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There are many sides to a story...

Can Ayden tell his story to win our readers' hearts? Or have they decided what kind of man he is?

This is book 2 in the Just Love series. Books should be read in order.

Thank you for reading!

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