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Wolves Bite

wolves bite (2).jpg

In a world where werewolves rule, humans live in fear of the yearly hunt that reminds them of the power they carry. No one knows who will be chosen, all the humans know is it always a group of young women forced to run as if their lives depended on it... which they does. When Rina, a fragile woman who serves in a tiny bar to keep things running at home is one night collected for the hunt, everything changes.


She thought the hunt meant her life would end, never had she expected that not just one Alpha would claim her as his own, but so would his Beta and Third In Command. The world Rina knew is turned upside down as she is let into a realm she thought she understood, but never truly took the time to learn about.


Will she survive her new rule as the luna of Grey Hunters' Pack or will she be crushed under the rules of their society?

Wolves Bite is a standalone book.

Thank you for reading!

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