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The Last White Wolf

Despite the beautiful color of Sira's fur, her power lay in the heirs she can carry. However, she refuses to bow to any alpha.


That is until her father, as an act of revenge, seeks to punish her for being the reason her mother is no longer alive, marries her off to the most brutal alpha in the kingdom, who is looking for a new mate.


Sira promises herself not to make their union easy, but could there be more to the cold alpha than meet the eye?

The Last White Luna is a standalone book.

The Wolf Princess Rising

After losing her home and kingdom, Belle flees everything she has ever loved and known and seeks help to avenge herself. However, the help she receives is far from what she expected. One dark deal with a witch she should never have shaken hands with leads her down an unknown and mysterious path, but perhaps this is her chance?

Cascan seeks what all great kings desire: glory. But there is something that draws him toward the Silver Wolf City, and that is an unknown need to have the hidden treassure inside: the princess. Yet there is no princess to find. Only a strange servant who seems to start lurking around him.

Will there ever be a chance of true love between such enemies, or will one end up with a dagger in their heart?

The Wolf Princess Rising is a standalone book.

Thank you for reading!

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