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The Last Three Hybrids

A Half-Blood's Escape
Book 1

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Lara is a half-blood wolf who must escape her step father's gambling debt, but in order to do so she must lend a little money. At a party for the upper-class of the supernatural world she sneaks in dressed as the staff and takes from the rich. She thinks everything is going smoothly, that is until she runs into one of the last three hybrids in the world, King Dominic.

Dominic has never had much desire to be king, but he is the most fit among the last three there is to choose from. He must marry and continue the line of hybrids, but at the very party where he is supposed to meet his betrothed, he runs into his mate. A half-blood he knows no one will accept as his queen, but Dominic will not take anyone else.

A Half-Blood's Escape is the first book in the series The Last Three Hybrids. Each book can be read on its own but it is recommended to read them in order.

A Vampire's Pain
Book 2

Gabriel is longing after a mate. He has a dark hole in his heart he knows only can be filled by the powers of the bond, but after so many years, he simply doesn't believe he will ever find her. He drowns his sorrows in women, but at the very party where Dominic and Lara are celebrating their one-year anniversary, he runs into a mysterious vampire, who he from then on cannot leave alone.

Valeri was kidnapped and violated long ago. It made her lose her mind and her brother Damon does everything to keep her safe. Hundreds years later, and she gains back her sanity, but Damon won't let her out of her house. After hearing about the brave half-blood queen who didn't let the council decide if she could be with Dominic, Valeri is desperate to meet Lara, but she finds more than the brave queen at the party.

A Vampire's Pain is book two in the series The Last Three Hybrids. It can be read on its own, but it is recommended to read it in order.

A Hybrid's Salvation
Book 3

Ace is haunted by his past. He was once a killer taking lives and not caring about it. Now he has changed. He has a family, and yet he feels so lonely. He knows he will never fit in with the rest, and maybe that is for the best, because he knows his past will not stay hidden forever. A Mate is the last thing he wants to find.

Nate's family will never accept he is gay. They want him to marry a woman he is fake dating just to please them. On a night out to escape his life, he runs into a stranger who is so different from anyone from his world. He simply cannot forget Ace, not even when he prepares himself to get married.

A Hybrid's Salvation is number three in the series The Last Three Hybrids and can be found on Amazon.

A Vampire's Forbidden Lust
Book 4

Damon has always been very lucky in life. He was born a lord, became good friends with the hybrid king, and has always held an important seat on the council. He is powerful and he knows it. His sister is even mated to one of the last three hybrids in the world. Damon doesn't seem to be lacking anything, that is until he catches the scent of his mate at a party and now cannot seem to want anything more than her.

Bella comes from a wealthy and very pure line of werewolves. It is very important she makes the right match and continues the line. That means that it will never be okay for her to fall for a vampire, but what can she do when that vampire is her mate?

The Vampire's Forbidden Lust is a small spin-off and the fourth book in series The Last Three Hybrids and can be found on Amazon.

Thank you for reading!

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