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Winning The Troublemaker

Saved by The Golden Boy
Book 1

Emma just wants to protect her sister after she had her first time stolen and her heart broken. She is not allowed to set foot on the school grounds but she does it dressed as Elena. Here she finds the boy who broke her sister's heart and punches him, making everyone realize who she truly is. But one person can't take his eyes off her from then on.

Brendon has only just gotten out of a three-year long relationship, and never had he thought he would find an interest in the troublemaker who assaults idiot foot players who think they own the world. But he does, and now he can't forget Emma. He must know more about her. He must figure out what hides behind the stony mask.

Can Brendon get closer to Emma, or will she shut him out? Will Emma ever learn to keep her temper in control, or will it cost her too much?

Saved by The Golden Boy is the first book in the series Winning The Troublemaker.

Chasing The Troublemaker
Book 2

Emma was sent away after revealing Trevor's and his friends' secret "club", which caused a lot of trouble and giving Emma a bad reputation. Her parents send her off to New York to live with her aunt, thinking it would be best for her to stay there until Elena goes to college. But Emma decides to stay, finding the city more to her liking. Here, no one knows her or what she has done. Or so she thinks.

Brendon got into the school of his dreams, now studying to become a doctor, but his thoughts still swirl around his troublemaker. Emma disappeared and no one will tell him where she is. After a party with a little too much to drink, Brendon wakes up with an unfamiliar girl, who he ends up clicking with. They go out to coffee, but that same morning, someone catches his eye. Emma. His troublemaker, who he knows he must talk to.

But will Emma talk to Brendon? Can she trust him again? And will they be able to fix everything between them?

Chasing The Troublemaker is book two in the series Winning The Troublemaker.

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