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The Love of Royals

My Broken Knight
Book 1

my broken knight.jpg

William was a firm believer in love that was until the woman he had promised to marry once he returned to from the cold barbarian land Seeka chose to marry someone else. Six years he had fought to get back to her, but she didn't wait. As William returns to his land he also finds his father dead and time has passed in a disturbing way. He is no longer the same man who returned. As he decides to drown his sorrows, a close advisor to the king seeks him out, having heard about him from his son. He asks Will to become the personal guard to the princess and protect her, but no one told William that he needs to protect her from herself.

Grace is the only daughter of the king of Etheria. The king lost many good men in Seeka and in order to strenghten himself he offers Grace to an old and rich king. Grace would rather die than marry the fat king and even threatens to take her own life. Her father makes the decision to find a knight that can keep her safe, but as William and Grace meet a bond is formed no one can break. No matter how hard they all try.

My Broken Knight is the first book in the series The Love of Royals.

The Prince And The Pagan
Book 2

Cole wants to avenge his father's death, so he goes out to hunt the pagans he thought had killed him, but only ends up wounded and almost dead. He is saved by the very people he is sure is guilty of his father's death, but as he recovers he learns so many things about them. Nothing he believed is true ...

Raven wants nothing to do with the very prince she saved from certain death. Her own family was brutally killed back when Queen Grace's father ruled. She hates his whole family, but to teach her a lesson her step father forces her to be the one to take care of him. Raven has no choice but to spend time with Prince Cole, and an attraction quickly forms between them before feelings start to appear. Can Raven let the prince into her heart? And can Cole figure out who truly killed his father?

The Prince And The Pagan is the second book in the series The Love of Royals.

The Princess's Stolen Body
Book 3

the princess's stolen body.jpg

Liana was born with the gift of seeing into the future. It has done a lot for her and she can feel if anyone has bad intentions. At the market she gets drawn in by a magical necklace a pagan sells her. What she doesn't know is that necklace has the power to change bodies. Liana wakes up as the girl who sold her the necklace and now has to find a way to get back her body. Who knew a thief would be of such big help?

Jonah is a thief trying to even out the score between the rich and poor. He came from nothing himself, losing his mother young and leaving him to take care of his sister, but his thieving ways gets her in trouble and costs her her life. Jonah tries to steal from the royals and gets caught, but there he is shown that not all nobles are bad. It is the kind act of a princess that later on helps a mysterious woman who claims to be the princess. Can Liana get her body back, or is it lost forever to the pagans?

The Princess's Stolen Body is the third book in the series The Love of Royals.

Thank you for reading!

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