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The Hybrid King's Hidden Mate (Spin-Offs)

The Hybrid King's Hidden Mate
Book 1

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There are only two hybrids left in the world, and in order to make more Amber and Ronan must have children together.

Amber has been locked away her whole life protected from an unknown enemy she always thought was Ronan who would force her to have his kids. The day she finally gets out of her house she is captured by the council of vampires and werewolves. Her theory that the king will force her to have his kids is only confirmed. That is until the king is the person who frees her from her chains and shows her the kindness and freedom she never thought she would get a chance to experince, but things aren't so easy, because she knows if Ronan finds out the truth about who her fahter is, he will kill her.

Ronan lost his mate over four hundred yeras ago. She was pregnant with their child as well. He swore to avange her and eventually he gets his revenge, killing the vampire who took everything from him. The very vampire who sired Amber, but Ronan doesn't know that. When he learns of Amber's existence, he has no desire of making her his queen or have kids with her, but when he meets her he learns they are mates, and keeping his promise to only love his first queen beomces very hard.

The Hybrid King's Hidden Mate is followed by two spin-offs The Vampire's Sweet Secret and The Vampire's Lost mate. They can all be read on their own but it is recommended to read them in order.

The Vampire's Sweet Secret
Book 2

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Everly is an old vampire. She has dreamt for a long time of finding her mate, but even after six hundred years she has not found her. Everly has always had a hard time fitting in because she refuses to hide she loves women. That has cost her the right to inherit her family's company. Everly knows she needs to start over and ends up building her own little empire, but one day a very special woman comes walking into her office, seaking a job. Her mate.

Ava is fleeing her brutal life. She has been abused and raped for years by the alpha she was forced to get mated to. When she finds out she is pregnant she knows she can't stay. If the child is not a boy she will be forced to carry another, but if it is she knows she will have served her purpose and be killed. The doctor from her pack helps her escape and Ava tries to create a new life in New York City. There she finds a very uniqure person, and learns more about herself than she had ever had the chance to.

The Vampire's Sweet Secret is the spin-off to The Hybrid King's Hidden Mate. It can be read on its own, but it is recommended to read the books in order.

The series continues on Amazon and Patreon

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