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Where are the books from Booknet going?

Since Booknet is shutting down I am here to inform where all the books are going ;)
If you have bought any books on Booknet, I have been told after they close down, you can still read the bought books. They should be available to you in your library. But the updated and proofread version will only be on Amazon. Since some books will still be available on Booknet those books will not go on Kindle Unlimted but Patreon as well.
The books are: The Dragon King's Stolen Mate, Surviving The Billionaire's Game, and The Alpha Prince's Precious Mate. (Can be read on patreon with Standalone Book membership and the biggest membership Series and Part of Series)
There will be printed version of these books though that I am thinking will be out start June. I am not sure yet if the e-books and printed versions will be ready at the same time, but they won't be far behind.
My series from Booknet, Claimed by Alphas (The Alpha Got Me and The Alpha Stole Me), will only be on Amazon and therefore Kindle Unlimted. I will remove those books the 31st, but they won't be up on Amazon before end of June. Yet there will be printed versions as well. I will upload the newest book (book 3) there on Amazon as well and there will be three more books to the series, but I don't know when those will be up since they have not been written yet.
My short stories from Booknet will also be available on Wattpad, Inkitt and Patreon, and can be read for free everywhere. I will put them into a short story collection instead, so you only need to look for one book. I will be naming the collection A Short Love.

That is all and I hope you will come and support the books on the new sites!

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