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What is in store for 2023?

It's always good to have plans for the year you enter and while it is soon the end of January I still want to share my ideas and goals for this new year. I hope to expand on more sites now that I am probably leaving Dreame after the terrible things I have learned about them. I do hope to become more known on Amazon because it is the site I really want to find success on. So, my goal is to have at least 10 books on the site by the end of the year, and I am also working on turning my books on Amazon into paperbacks. Hopefully, my book that I have been waiting two years to come into the world will soon be published as well and I can finally be done with my screenplay for it and hopefully find some success there as well. I also plan on starting a new series that will be inspired a little by my old one Wolves' Fated Mates, but since I cannot copy my own work I will have to make a completely new series. This one I will have more control over though and I hope my readers will like it. Other than that I simply want to reach more readers and find more success as a writer. This is truly my passion and my dream and I cannot see myself doing anything else.
Please continue showing me your wonderful support!
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