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The Vampire's Lost Mate is now on Amazon!

Finally I was able to complete The Vampire's Lost Mate and it is now available on Amazon and Patreon. It was the last book of The Hybrid King's Hidden Mate. This completes the series. If you haven't read the first two books, then go to Dreame and find them.
Book 1 The Hybrid King's Hidden Mate.
Book 2 The Vampire's Sweet Secret.
Enzo's story can be read on its own so it is not required to go and read the others, but it is recommended to get a deeper understanding.
I really hope you enjoyed his story as well and thank you for so much for all the support!
You can find his story through this webiste, just go either to Amazon or Patreon and scroll down and find the story and then click order now or read now.
You can also go to the start page and find it there.
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