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Anne T. Thyssen

Fantasy and Romance Author

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New Books

The Omega's Knowledge
Book 1


In the mystical realm of Verocca, omegas were thought to have been lost to the world, a punishment from the Gods. However, on a tiny island, four omega princesses hide while waiting for their castle to be overrun by Tesarian Wolves, led by the powerful Alpha Cartan, who is eager to prove himself. His mission: to capture the legendary omega princesses, long believed to be mere legends.

Kiandra, the fourth princess, fiercely protective of her sisters, makes a heart-wrenching decision to become Cartan's Omega to ensure her sisters' escape. However, her preconceptions about alphas are shattered as she discovers the beauty and complexity of Cartan's world, leading to an unexpected romance.

This is the first book in the series The Last Court of Omegas. It is recommended to read the book in order.

A Healing Mate

In a world where change has ushered in lasting peace among the wolves, life seems to be flowing smoothly. Ryker, groomed to become the next King of the Werewolves, finds confidence in his role with his faithful mate, Ethan, by his side. He aspires to be a worthy leader like his uncle. However, beneath this facade of harmony, his mate struggles with terrifying nightmares that threaten to tear the two of them apart.

Lost and uncertain, Ryker turns to his Aunt Octavia, who shares a deep connection with his uncle. Recognizing her adopted son's distress, Octavia seeks aid from their close friend, Hope, a spiritual wolf. Hope extends a warm invitation to the two young kings, unveiling a revelation.

Within Hope's sanctuary, Ryker and Ethan uncover a missing piece of their puzzle: Dawn, the eldest daughter of the spiritual wolf. However, with a former assassin as her father and overprotective family members, adding Dawn to their group is going to be challenging, especially alongside the nightmares that Ethan must overcome. But could these nightmares be the ominous promise of dark times ahead?

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"Writing is what I do. It's my oxygen, so don't take it away."

Anne T. Thyssen

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