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Anne T. Thyssen

Fantasy and Romance Author

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New Books

The Omega's Knowledge
Book 1
(The Last Court of Omegas)


In the mystical realm of Verocca, omegas were thought to have been lost to the world, a punishment from the Gods. However, on a tiny island, four omega princesses hide while waiting for their castle to be overrun by Tesarian Wolves, led by the powerful Alpha Cartan, who is eager to prove himself. His mission: to capture the legendary omega princesses, long believed to be mere legends.

Kiandra, the fourth princess, fiercely protective of her sisters, makes a heart-wrenching decision to become Cartan's Omega to ensure her sisters' escape. However, her preconceptions about alphas are shattered as she discovers the beauty and complexity of Cartan's world, leading to an unexpected romance.

This is the first book in the series The Last Court of Omegas. It is recommended to read the book in order.

(book 4 in Dark Revenge)

Alison thinks she can seamlessly slip back into her old life, but after a month spent as Jared's personal slave, her eyes have been opened to the profound emptiness that has been lurking beneath the surface. Despite her attempts to resume her role as the perfect wife and accomplished businesswoman, nothing can rekindle the same joy she once knew. Instead, an insatiable hunger for Jared consumes her like a wildfire.

Jared, on the other hand, has moved on from their passionate month together. Forced into an arrangement with Astrid due to a sinister deal between Vince and the wolves, he finds himself trapped in an unhappy marriage. He channels his energy into exposing Alison's father and his criminal network, determined to bring them to justice.

However, Jared's unexpected appearance at a party hosted by Alison's parents shatters the fragile peace they each have found. The magnetic pull between them is undeniable, their shared desire threatening to unravel the carefully constructed facades they have built. Is it merely a dangerous game of lust and betrayal that has rekindled between them, or is this their final chance for one more opportunity to be together?

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"Writing is what I do. It's my oxygen, so don't take it away."

Anne T. Thyssen

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