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Anne T. Thyssen

Fantasy and Romance Author

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New Books

The Underworld's Mate
Book 2

In a fateful bargain, Rose surrenders her freedom to become Aleister's, all for the sake of uniting Marcos with his true mate, Marcella. She knows the risks of aligning herself with the enigmatic King of the Underworld, but what sets Aleister apart is that he is her mate. Aleister rules a dark world brimming with forbidden desires, but everything changes the moment he lays eyes on Rose. Aleister becomes consumed by the desire to possess Rose, to unravel the layers of her being, and to claim her as his own. But his icy demeanor and guarded heart pose challenges, leaving Rose uncertain of her fate once again.

Will she forever be bound to a man who can never truly love her, or will Aleister defy the confines of his own darkness and find the capacity to open his heart to the woman who willingly bargained her freedom for a man who would never be hers?

This is book 2 in The Royal Pack. The books can be read as standalones, but it is recommended to read them in order

Healing Ice

healing ice.jpeg

Jaze, a former hockey star whose life takes a heart-wrenching turn when a brave act goes wrong, leaving him terrified of the ice he once loved. Now lost and working at the rink he once ruled, Jaze's family and friends are determined to reignite his passion. But his paralyzing fears hold him back, keeping him on the sidelines of his own life.

Just when hope seems distant, enter Samira—a driven figure skater with an unyielding fire. Her ultimate goal? Achieving greatness at the Olympics and earning her father's pride. Yet, the pressure weighs her down, leading to anxiety only the touch of a hockey player can ease.

(Dark Revenge)

Jared, a victim of Alison Brown's torment during his high school years, has returned as a transformed man—dark, affluent, and exuding an aura of menace. His mission: to make Alison pay for the years of suffering she inflicted upon him.

Alison, completely unaware of the storm approaching, steps into her office one ordinary day, only to be confronted by Jared, wearing a malevolent smirk. Clutched in his hand is a USB drive filled with dark secrets that could shatter her perfect life. The reckoning has come, and Jared offers a grim choice: sign a binding contract that subjects her to his twisted desires for a month, or face utter ruin.

This is the first book in the series Dark Revenge. The books need to be read in order.

His Unbeloved Queen

Katherine thought no one could love her higher than the king of witches, Acan. The man she had been married to for ten years, and who she thought loved her despite being unable to perform any sort of spells. She rose up to the responsibility of being queen, and showed everyone why she deserved the crown, but one night at the festival of elements a horrible accident occurs, flames catching on, and trapping Katherine. Trapped and all alone, her husband appears, thinking she is saved, but who is a better fire witch than her husband? He leaves her again, making her feel utterly betrayed, but from the shadows, her hero appears.

Darius is the half brother of the king, born with dark powers that he has done everything he could to control. Only Katherine can touch him without feeling sick, and her smile makes his day brighter than ever. But she has never looked at him with desire in her eyes. That is until he turns back time in order to save his queen, this time changing a small thing in her past: getting her to marry him.

Will Darius ever make Katherine fall for him truly? Or will her thirst for revenge consume her being?

His Evil-Sweet Luna

Summer is the sweetest luna and future queen, but one day after being fed a mysterious tea her world goes black and she wakes up as a whole other person! Now trapped in a body that doesn't belong to her she must navigate through the difficult life as an evil luna who has made many enemies. At her side she finds her new mate Ashton, but not even he has her back after being abused by his own mate for years.


Can Summer change his mind while uncovering the truth of her death, or is she forever trapped as the evil luna surrounded by enemies?

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"Writing is what I do. It's my oxygen, so don't take it away."

Anne T. Thyssen

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