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Wolves' Fated Mates

A Best Friend's Promise
Book 15

Raiden didn't think he ever wanted to find his mate. He is content with his life, and he knows how a mate can both be a blessing and a curse, but then a woman enters his life, and not just any woman. Marina is Raiden's dead best friend's sister, and the one person who can make him lose his mind. He has never been so enchanted by a woman, but he cannot help himself. She is his mate... and yet he cannot have her. Raiden carries a dark secret, and he knows Marina could never love him if she knew about it.

Marina lost so much when she was just a young kid. Her mother was murdered, her brother killed too, and her father lost his mind. Raiden was the only one there for her, and she has always known he was the one she wanted to be with. After being attacked by the man her father wants her to marry, Marina flees to England to find Raiden, where she learns her biggest wish has come true. He is her mate.

A Best Friend's promise is book fifteen in the series Wolves' Fated Mates. It can be read on its own, but it is recommended to read the books in order. 

A Broken Mate
Book 16

Kenzo is living with a monster inside of him. His feral side. It makes him thirsty for blood. His kind is often killed at birth, but Kenzo found a way to survive. He knows he has to control his wild side and he has taught himself how. Through pain... and hunting animals, giving the beast a little of what he wants. Kenzo has done it all to protect his mother who was bullied by her pack for having him. All Kenzo dreams of though is having a mate, but he knows he can never accept her. He would kill her if he ever got close to her, his beast wanting even her blood, but fate has other plans as he ends up saving a strange human woman, who is not at all thrilled that he chose to jump into the water to get her.

Gwen has never loved life. She has never even liked it. Fresh out of the mental hospital she tries to end her life, but a mystery stranger comees to her aid. She isn't very grateful for his help though, and let him knows that but Kenzo won't leave her alone, and seems to want to help her find  a reason to live. What she didn't know is Kenzo is not even from her world, and soon she is sucked into the mystery one he lives in.

Will Kenzo and Gwen figure out a way to be together? And can Kenzo even allow himself to get close to her or will he be too dangerous for her?

A Broken Mate is book sixteen in the series Wolves' Fated Mates. It can be read on it's own but it is recommended to read the books in order. 

An Alpha's Forbidden Mate
Book 17

Ryan has kept himself away from Kathy for over a year. He found out she was his mate when looking for Harper, who had been taken by Archer. He knows how bad it can go with a human mate, and he does not want to experience that again... Oh, and then there is the age difference. She is the forbidden fruit he shouldn’t touch, but it is hard to stay away. And when a mystery patient comes to the ER getting Kathy in trouble, he has to step in, but now he can’t get out.


Kathy has tried to forget all about Ryan. She shouldn’t be thinking about her former friend’s dad. The friend who disappeared out of her life without an explanation or anything. It is hard for her not to think about him. Ryan feels like something else. Something she must have her hands on but is not allowed to touch. One night a strange patient comes into the ER, attacking Kathy, and she is pulled into a world she never knew existed.

An Alpha's Forbidden Mate is book seventeen in the series Wolves' Fated Mates. It can be read on it's own but it is recommended to read the books in order. 

An Alpha's Fearful Mate
Book 18

an alpha's fearful mate (1).jpg

Andrew knows his father is close, the evil leader of the last alpha camp out there. He wants his son and Rick back, the only alphas to ever escape. Despite hiding for years, Andrew is tired of running and wants to face his father, but he never expected the search for him would lead him to his mate.

Karina never thought she would get tangled up in the wolf world, but after one of her patients mysteriously dies and sends her a package with all the information about Easton and his alpha camp, she is in desperate search for answers, which leads her straight into Andrew’s arms.

But will his father get the last word? Or can Andrew finally be free of him and be with his mate?

An Alpha's Fearful Mate is book eighteen in the series Wolves' Fated Mates. It can be read on it's own but it is recommended to read the books in order. 

A Best Friend's Unreturned Feelings
Book 19

Rick survived the brutal camp together with his best friend Andrew, but despite their struggles together, Andrew could never return Rick’s feelings that grew over time. Andrew fell in love with someone else, healing his own past, but leaving Rick to his broken heart and struggles. Rick needs an escape and decides after many years to part with Andrew and go home, where he knows no love awaits him, but what else does he have? Despite wanting to say goodbye to everything he knew, once his journey intertwines with the lovely Diamond, he ends up going back finding his mate who had been hidden from him in plain sight.

Tucker has never understood what was different about him. Confused by his own sexuality and the way his family raised him and his brother to be, he suddenly gets lots of answers once he sets his eyes on Rick. A powerful older alpha who craves him like no other.

But can Rick get out of his family’s claws again and be with the man he truly desires, or is he in too deep?

A Best Friend's Unreturned Feelings is book nineteen in the series Wolves' Fated Mates. It can be read on it's own but it is recommended to read the books in order. 

A Luna's Bodyguard
Book 20

Ashley is one of the most desired upper class lunas out there. She has everything and has always been given everything. All she has to do is point, and it is hers. But after a break in and weird presents lying in her room without her knowing how they got there, Ashley realizes she has a stalker. Her father gets so worried that he ends up finding a bodyguard for her, by reaching out to the king.


Brody grew up in a strict environment and, while his brother has found happiness, he still struggles to find his own path. After the king gets contacted about a luna being stalked, he searches for someone to take on the job of protecting her. Feeling lost and unsure what else to spend his time on, Brody volunteers. But the moment he lays eyes on her, he knows he has screwed. She is his mate.


Can Ashley and Brody figure out a way to break the social norms and be together despite their statuses, or will they both follow the old ways they were taught?

A Luna's Bodyguard is book twenty in the series Wolves' Fated Mates. It can be read on it's own but it is recommended to read the books in order. 

A Luna's Choice
Book 21

a luna's choice (2).jpg

After leaving The Hidden World, Alessia made a promise to herself. She must go back and save the rest of her sisters. She knows the High Priestess is hiding parts of a bigger truth, but how can she go back to a world where she was told that once you leave, you can never go back?

Raven has three older brothers, but she refuses to be treated like a small luna for them to decide for. She wants to show she is just as strong as any alpha, but when she lay eyes on Alessia, her focus shifts and she embarks on a journey with the mysterious Spiritual despite her family’s disapproval of her partner.

Can Alessia free her sisters? Or will Raven’s family tear them apart?

A Luna's Choice is book twenty-one in the series Wolves' Fated Mates. It can be read on it's own but it is recommended to read the books in order. 

A Beta's Innocent Mate
Book 22

a beta's innocent mate (2).jpg

Noah lost his mother in a tragic way, leaving him feeling both betrayed by his father, but also hating himself for not being able to keep her safe. Noah is haunted by the guilt and only pulls away further from his father and family, falling into the false bliss drugs give. But when a woman enters his life, giving him a new craving, can he let go of his old one?

June was once an important and dedicated Spiritual thinking her life evolved around prayers and doing the older sisters’ bidding, but once she was freed by her sister Alessia, she was shown a whole new world. June wants to free herself completely from the lies she was brought up in, but when she runs into Noah, she realizes the dark parts of life also must be given accepted too.

Can June save Noah from the dangerous life entangled with drugs? Or cannot even her love bring him out of his despair?

A Beta's Innocent Mate is book twenty-two in the series Wolves' Fated Mates. It can be read on it's own but it is recommended to read the books in order. 

A Beta's Past And Present
Book 23

a beta's past and present (1).jpg

Mason enjoys the freedom of never having much responsibility when it comes to the pack. As the third born, the chances of ever taking over seem unlikely to happen. One night out, Mason runs into his mate, Malia, a sweet half-blood that catches his eyes instantly. In the heat of the moment, they mate right away, but Mason doesn’t get a chance to mark her, and she disappears right away. Mason feels completely destroyed, and tries to find his mate again, but she seems to have disappeared off the planet. Not long after, as he thinks he might crumble from the pain, he runs into his second mate Julian and finds his happiness again, but life is not that easy as his first mate appears again.

Being a half-blood is difficult and while Malia wants nothing but to stay with Mason, the enigmatic beta she finds her mate is, she cannot stay. She is on the run from her evil stepfather who tried to assault her. When she discovers she is pregnant, she knows she cannot keep running and returns to Mason in hopes of help, but a third has joined the party.

Julian is nothing but a shy wolf from a smaller pack. While he is born to be a warrior, he is too kind to even hurt a fly. It makes him feel isolated, as everyone expects him to be a powerful wolf, when all he wants to do is give his love to someone. That someone becomes Mason, but once entangled in Malia’s and his drama, it becomes much harder to be the lover and not the fighter.

Will the three of them find a way to work together or are they doomed from the beginning?

A Beta's Past And Present is book twenty-three in the series Wolves' Fated Mates. It can be read on it's own but it is recommended to read the books in order.

An Alpha's Rogue Mate
Book 24

Kai has taken over as alpha of his pack and is both loved and doing an excellent job of leading, but while his father and best friend pushes him not to choose a luna but wait for his true mate, Kai refuses. He carries a dark secret within and does not want to go through the rejection one more time. But on a mission fighting against rogues working for Lucian’s brother Landon, Kai finds his mate in one of them, but how could a rogue ever be his mate?

Rachel was abused by the alpha’s son. In order to get the abuse to stop, she mutilated him and was thrown out by her pack to live as a rogue. But life as a rogue is hard and difficult and has turned Rachel cold over the years.


Can a mysterious but kind-hearted alpha change her back? Or is she doomed to always be the villain in people’s eyes?

An Alpha's Rogue Mate is book twenty-four in the series Wolves' Fated Mates. It can be read on it's own but it is recommended to read the books in order.

A Luna's Stolen Mate
Book 25

Alexander is the last one of his brothers without a mate, but in his mind, that seems to almost be a bonus. He is free to do what he wants and never has to answer to anyone. But when an attack happens on his pack, Alexander is kidnapped and brought to another where two lunas rule together. The moment he lays eyes on them, his wolf claims them both to be his mate.

Mercy was supposed to be a boy in her father’s mind, but all he ever had was a girl. He punished her for that, putting her through awful things and letting others abuse her as well. She decided to rise up and prove how wrong he was about her and even killed him to take over the pack. Through it all, she had her best friend Taylor, who later turned out to be her mate. But having power and proving herself is important to mercy. So what happens when she wants to go after Kai’s pack and kidnap the alpha?

Taylor has watched her friend survive all sorts of horrible things, and trying to protect her from it ended up hurting her too, but she has always loved Mercy, and the moment she learned she was her mate, her life becomes complete. She doesn’t agree with Mercy’s plan to get more power, but will not go against her Luna and mate, but the plan doesn’t go as they hope, when Alexander is taken by mistake and ends up becoming both their mates.

How will it work out between them? And is Mercy’s ambitious personality going to stand in the way of love?

A Luna's Stolen Mate is book twenty-five in the series Wolves' Fated Mates. It can be read on it's own but it is recommended to read the books in order.

A Brother's Redemption
Book 26

a brother's redemption (1).jpg

Landon always knew he was born wrong. Something in him just never clicked, but he never had a doubt in his mind that the one who he would always love and take care of was his brother Lucian. Unfortunately, after killing their parents and almost dying too, Lucian could never look at Landon the same. He tried to come back and win over his brother as they grew older, but it was never the same. Landon left again, deciding to build his own empire, and over the years, he managed to make something incredible. But when a human, who he believes is no one significant at first ,is almost raped at one of his clubs he ends up finding his mate in her, only to realize she is the reborn princess.

Tara lost her wolf side after coming back to life. She is nothing but a mere human now. Except for her bright yellow eyes, no one would find anything suspicious about her. This has given her freedom to travel the world and experience so many things, but when she ends up in trouble, she seeks help from a random person, only to run into Landon, who the moment he lays eyes on her must have her.

Can Tara bring out another side in Landon? Or is he truly the evil monster everyone believes him to be? to be?

A Brother's Redemption is book twenty-six in the series Wolves' Fated Mates. It can be read on it's own but it is recommended to read the books in order.

Thank you for reading!

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