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Trying Something New

So some things are happening with Amazon. It seems that now all books with the 18+ mark will not show up on your kindle if you have not enabled that you want the 18+, meaning it will be harder for people now to see my books, which is very annoying. I am looking into spreading out on Kobo reader and other future places. You can always try to search my name on Amazon that should make my books appear. I will put the books from Amazon up on there as well if they are not part of Kindle Unlimited. This will give you readers more access to my books.
I do want to see though where I earn most on Amazon. For a while it was mostly Kindle Unlimited readers who bought my books, but now it seems to have changed, and with how little we now earn on Kindle Unlimited and it's very strict policy about shutting down authors if their work is found elswhere, even if they were the ones being plagarized, I simply want to check if I take my books off Kindle Unlimited what is going to happen?
So The Last Three Hybrids, Winning The Troublemaker and Claimed by Alphas will be removed from Kindle Unlimited but not right away. Claimed by Alphas can still be read for three months on KU, whereas here are the dates for ending the Kindle Unlimited option for the rest:
Saved by The Golden Boy: Already removed from KU
Chasing The Troublemaker: July 28th
A Half-Blood's Escape: August 6th
A Vampire's Pain: August 27
A Hybrid's Salvation: July 7th
A Vampire's Forbidden Lust: July 29th
Claimed by Alpha's: September 28th

BUT if this is not a success I am of course coming back to Kindle Unlimited. I will make sure to keep you guys updated!
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