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New series!

As you know I have had my problems with a certain site and I really wanted to start anew and get away from all the bad, and therefore I have begun a new series called The Royal Pack naming it after all my lovely readers, who chose the name! It will not be an alternate universe or have any connections to my old series, so don't draw any connections. I'm not allowed to copy myself and therefore I really am starting all over. Now this series will be filled with a lot more mystery and there will be more creatures in it. I hope you will all go support this new series of mine.
So far it will be available on Patreon and Amazon, but I am looking into other sites I can put it on as long as I can keep the rights to the book. Thank you all who has supported my old series as well. I will continue to update Wolves' Fated Mates, but it won't be daily.
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