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My new Patreon account

Opdateret: 4. feb. 2023

So now that I have begun on Patreon I just wanted to explain about it to you all, so it will be easier to figure out.
I have three memberships there:
First look: this one is for books I will put there as drafts. Once they are completed they go to other sites (you can find Saved by The Golden Boy already there).
Standalone books: this one is for my standalone books but you will also gain access to first look membership.
Series and part of series: Here you can find both A Best Friend's Promise, A Broken Mate(once I get to write it), and Enzo's book. As I mentioned earlier if I ever get to buy my books back the rest will go into this membership as well. You will also gain access to the lower memberships such as Standalone books and First Look.
Whatever membership you choose you will see different stories there. Some might have more, and therefore you can search for the name of the book and all posts related to that will appear, so you can read it all in one go.
As I mentioned in my former post, this is a place for readers to support me a little extra, but I want you to know however you choose to support me I will be more than grateful for.
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