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My crazy problems with the site Dreame

So if you do not follow me on Social Media you have probably not seen all the chaotic problems I have had with the site Dreame. I have actually learned, thanks to connecting with many other authors on Facebook, how awful the site truly is, and how you are almost trapped with them even if you don't sign exclusively, which is why I am already warning at the beginning of this post not to sign with them and never to become an exclusive writer with them either. Sign non-exclusive if you truly want to sign with them.
Anyway, I have had a lot of problems with them because I began to feel unsafe on their site, feeling like they were exploiting me and I never got anything back. I decided I wanted to move on but learned I couldn't until I offered them my books first. It almost got me into trouble with Amazon at one point because I had to pull my pre-order back. It was all fixed though, and even though it took a good while, I am now finally free of the site. I do not know if I can ever get my books back I signed with them, but I will try my best to do so.
I am now moving to other sites such as Patreon, Amazon, Inkitt, Wattpad, and Booknet. I have already been writing on these sites for a while now, but Patreon is completely new and I will be starting a new series on Amazon, inspired by my old series, but since I cannot even copy myself, the series will be completely new and different. None of the same characters or storylines. It will be completely new, but it also means I will have total control over it, and you will find it on Amazon once I have wrapped up my old series. So stayed tuned!
Patreon is where I will put drafts of stories and the rest of my old series Wolves' Fated Mates. I will explain in my next post all about my Patreon account. It is really for readers who want to support me a little extra, and if I ever get my books back from Dreame, they will go there.
I just want to thank everyone who has supported me through this hard time. I truly would not have come out on the other side without all of you! So thank you!
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