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How I started to write

I have always loved to write since I was a small kid actually. I wrote these small novels that no one could read because I simply spelled so badly. It changed over time though, and my stories became better and more evolved. I was scared to show my work though. I can be very self-critical and I think that is actually a problem that most authors and other creative creators face. We want what we make to be the best, but we forget everything takes time and practice. Don't be too hard on yourself. We all have to start somewhere. I thought I had to go the more traditional way through a publisher, but through an ad on Facebook back in 2018 I was shown a whole new world. I could publish online. No waiting. No one controlling and telling me how it should be done. I didn't get really into it though before 2019 because life simply took too much of my time. It was actually when I was burned out, a drop out from law school and Corona had shut down the whole world that I truly picked up my passion again and began to write. I published over 40 books online from the end of 2019 to 2022 and I published two danish books through a traditional publisher. I couldn't believe how my dreams had suddenly become true. It was amazing, and that's why I want to tell anyone who has any sort of passion for writing or anything creative. Start it. Your dreams won't come true unless you try. So try!
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