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Changes Are Coming To Patreon and Ream!

*This is mainly affecting those with highest membership!
Calling my Patreon and Ream supporters. Now that the sites have grown as much as they have and been filled with so many books I am thinking of switching things up a bit. Not a lot, but I am thinking of making more tiers. Here is how I imagine it will be:
First look and Standalone Books will remain the SAME!
The old series and part of series will become Wolves' Fated Mates tier, where only THIS series can be found. It will remain at the same price, but you will still get access to first look and standalone books with this as well.
A new series and part of series will be made here Enzo's book will go to, so will Just One Touch and its spin-off Just Ayden. But you still get access to First Look and Standalone Books.
The Royal Pack will ALSO be moved to the new Series and Part of Series BUT once it has enough books it will get its own tier called The Royal Pack and will also unlock lower levels.
I made a visual for it as well, so you can see how it would look
The arrows show how much you get from opening a membership.
First Look (still 5$)
Standalone Books (still 10$)
Wolves' Fated Mates (35$)
NEW Series and part of series (20$)
Once the series The Royal Pack is big enough it will cost 40$
I am still learning and evolving on these sites it's why changes might sometimes happen, but this change won't happen until mid July, so you will have time to adjust and I will always tell you guys. The names of the tier might change already starting now, but NOTHING will be moved around until July 16th.
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