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Booknet is shutting down!

Hello my lovely readers!
So there are some big news I need to tell you about. The site Booknet, a site I was very thrilled about is sadly closing their English version since it simply isn't bringing in the profit it should. This means I will be released from my contracts by June 1st and can move my books. I won't delete my Booknet profile in hopes that it will one day come back. The books will go to Amazon and Patreon and I will let you know which books go where. If you have paid for some of my books, I have been told they will still stay available to you, so you won't have to pay twice. The free books will disappear and won't be available to you though.
Thank you all who has supported me there, and I will let you know what will happen to all the books soon. I won't be releasing anymore on Booknet though, so stay tuned!
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