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A Mate's Salvation

My Cursed Love
Book 1

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Elena was kidnapped together with 12 other humans to serve a mad alpha. She is tortured and beaten, but one night she is lucky to escape her captors. She runs for her life but is cornered at a cliff, where she must make the choice, live and go back with them or die and be free. Elena would rather die than go back. She throws herself off the cliff, but someone witnesses her fall and goes to rescue her.

Revenge was hated his entire life for being a Cursed Child. His red eyes can break people by showing them their worst fears. No one dares to get close to him, even his father beame his worst enemy, but when he finds his mate in the small and simple human Elena, he finds the one person who can look into his eyes and not break.

My Cursed Love is a dark romance and the first book in the series A Mate's Salvation.

My Luna's Revenge
Book 2

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Dean knows he is different. He is born with eyes like his father, that only his sister and mother can look into. It makes him an outcast, and easy to pin a murder on. When a wolf from his pack is killed, Dean is found together with the body and his father throws him out, telling him he can never come back. Dean is filled with hatred for his father for not believing him and wants revenge. Good thing is, his mate does too.

Cara was used and abused by her own pack and now swears revenge on all men and alphas out there. After capturing Dean on her territory, they quickly learn just how connected they are and just how well they can work together, but does Cara really trust him? And can Dean ever make up with his father?

My Luna's Revenge is the second book in the series A Mate's Salvation and is a dark romance.

My Alpha's Pain
Book 3

Bella dreamt of finding her mate. She sees how happy her family and friends are, but after getting used and rejected by the very person she dreamt of, she closes off to everyone. She doesn't want to risk having her heart broken again. She goes to a party with her cousin and there she runs into the one person she never wanted to meet. Her second chance.

Keith doesn't want to take over as alpha. After his older brother's death, he simply can't ... It would be like taking the place that rightfully belongs to him. So he does everything he can to make his father disown him, but his father has no other choice but Keith. After running into Bella though things quickly change for him, but will it be enough to turn around his old ways?

My Alpha's Pain is the third book in the series A Mate's Salvation.

Thank you for reading!

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